If you are a professional of the health and social care and the care of people with problems related to the use of alcohol, or you have any friends or family members with these issues, the BEBERMENOS is a tool that is creative and innovative, to carry out brief interventions, which can help you cut down on your consumption of alcohol.  

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 Learn new ways to cope with stressful situations without drinking it, you will have access to the multiple tools in order to assess the consumption of that, you decide if you want to stop drinking or reduce their consumption and help you to reach your goal


To start to change your habits, you need to get to know you better!

What is it about?

The program Bebermenos this is a step-by-step guide with things to help you to reduce your intake of alcohol and the problems associated with it

Who's it for

If you are 18 years or older and, making use of the risk for alcoholic beverages, this product is just for you! To find out if your alcohol use is a risk to do a quick test with just 3 questions asked

How it works

The intervention will include self-assessments, responses, tailored to each and every case, the monitoring and the analysis of the consumption of alcohol, in addition to the guidelines, and role-playing situations of risk, as well as to develop strategies to drink less

Information for participants

This self-help program online that is adaptable to each user's confidential, free and available to you at any time.


At any time of the survey, you may be able to get in touch with a professional, responsible for the research to answer any questions you may have


The data provided by you will be reviewed and processed in a completely anonymous basis, while respecting your privacy